About me

I never knew my true hidden super-power, until I was forced to find it. And I never knew how to help my clients until I discovered how to help myself. 11 Years ago, I was high on life, happily married, mother of an eight year old, expecting my second son (planned pregnancy). When my second son was born however, he was diagnosed with a life-long condition, Cerebral Palsy. This shook my world upside down. Physically, mentally and emotionally I was totally off balance and sinking fast. Most nights proved challenging as I was unable to get a good night’s rest. I would wake up in the middle of the night with the numb hands and arms and suffer silently as I tried to regain circulation. I was exhausted with no idea how to care for my little boy.

So I took two months off work to explore different techniques that might improve his function. Some days were very demanding and lonely but I was on a mission to help him the best way I knew how. Then I found neuromovement, a simple modality that helps to calm the nerves and overcome stress to allow for a gentler, more natural movement and functioning of the body.My situation forced me to practice and master this modality. When I practiced lessons on myself, I began to recover from my uncomfortable situation and begun to sleep blissfully. This, in turn, radically improved my mobility and function. As I mastered neuromovement, I discovered I was no longer getting worked up about insignificant hurdles. I learned the value of slowing down so that I could enjoy each experience. I was able to free myself from feelings of unwanted stress, anxiety and tension so I could devote time and energy to the things that I love. I no longer complained of lack of energy because I had more than enough to take care of myself first and then my family.

Living with someone who has a lifelong condition actually saved my life. It changed my outlook and forced me to live life differently. In fact, today I wholeheartedly appreciate life, waking up each day feeling vibrant, free from pain and full of energy. I am happy, and so is my son. And now, from what I learned helping my son and myself, I have dedicated my professional life to helping others with this same modality. Maybe you are one of those who could use more rest, less pain, fun and play, and wake up fully energized each day… If so, by all means book a free discovery session! Let’s talk about how we can restore your glow!”